Jay Leno Explains Why The Singer Honor Roll Commission Is Porsche Targa Excellence

It takes 4,500 hours of work to build a Singer 911. These coveted redesigned 911s represent the highest quality air-cooled Porsche you can buy and one of the best driving experiences available today. Jay Leno is driving the Singer Honor Roll Commission, a 1992 Porsche Targa that Singer has meticulously restored and redesigned to be one of the best Porsche driving experiences available today.

If you’re not familiar, Singer is a Californian company that builds some of the largest Porsche 911s the world has ever known. The singer is very clear that their products are not restorations, but rather a reinvention of the 964 911. Singer’s enthusiasm for the air-cooled 911 leads to the obsessive improvement of a 911. Singer selects the best parts Porsche OEMs that match the 964 and work with skilled craftsmen to build the custom interior.

The attention to detail by Singer builds a generation 911 964 to the highest standard regardless of cost or time. Owning your own Singer 911 commission takes years of waiting and planning, while Singer turns large sums of money into the pinnacle of appreciating air-cooled 911.

Most Singer products are coupes, but there are a few Targas selected as the Jay Leno Honor Board commission in today’s video. As Leno explains, the Singer 911 is like good wine or art, the more you examine it, the more you appreciate it. The Singer 911 is a connoisseur’s car. There are much faster and more efficient vehicles that you can buy for much less than a Signer 911, but nothing comes close to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Would you like to take a Singer 911 on a modern hypercar? Or do you prefer to have the best performing machine for your money?

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