Jake Stinger Stripe Coming To Chevy Corvette C8 Soon

For fans of Chevrolet Corvette Racing and the Corvette itself, the Jake skull emblem has been an icon since 2005 when the motorsport team first used it. Since then he has been a mascot of the official Corvette Racing team, as well as street Corvette racers.

For the uninitiated, the Jake emblem consists of a skull with the Corvette crossed flags logo representing the eyes – much like a punishing logo but prettier.

Chevrolet Corvette Jake Stripe

There are current Chevy accessories with the Jake emblem available on the official Chevrolet accessories shopping page, which include premium all-season flooring ($ 195) and cargo liner ($ 135) for the coupe and convertible models.

Ultimately, the Jake emblem makes a full comeback, as Corvette product manager Harlan Charles explained in a virtual presentation Corvettes in Carlisle (Facebook live video embedded at the top of this page).

The Jake logo will officially return to the C8 Corvette race car which will be used in IMSA and Indy 500 races. Based on the presentation, the race car will have Jake wheel center caps and a Jake hood strip, as well. a high wing spoiler, carbon fiber effects floor, black trident wheels and red engine cover.

More importantly, Charles also mentioned the return of the high fender and ground effects kit in the production Corvette – which was removed from options in May due to high demand. Along with the return of these popular options is the addition of the Jack Stinger Stripe, according to the presentation.

No details on the Jack Stinger Stripe yet, but we’ll be on the lookout for more as they come in. If you’re the one who wants the iconic logo on their mid-engined Corvette, check out this space.

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