Jaguar Registers Trademark For Electrifying New Sports Car Name

Jaguar takes its EV ambitions seriously. The British company will soon launch the new high-end XJ sedan powered by purely electric power, and a new brand registration indicates that even more electrified surprises may arise in the near future.

Unearthed for the first time by Coach, the trademark application registers the EV type nickname and the trademark is still pending according to the WIPO global trademark database. Applied for the first time in mid-February this year, the name will not necessarily be used for a production model, but our source says that Jaguar is actively considering an electric sports car.

Clearly, the EV-Type is inspired by the legendary E-Type and its modern successor, the F-Type. Former Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum said last year that he had designed the first sketches of a future sports car of the brand with a mid-engine configuration. Obviously, given the prefix EV, it is difficult to believe that the trademark registration has a link with a combustion vehicle.

Coach explains that Callum’s design was inspired by the C-X75 but the final layout depends on the decision whether the successor to the F-Type will be an electric car or not. The publication also recalls Jaguar’s Vision Gran Turismo Coupé virtual concept, which is probably a strong indication of the company’s future fully electric products.

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Regardless of Jaguar’s decision, we’re probably not going to see the F-Type replaced for at least two years. The sports coupe has recently been refreshed in the form of a coupe and a convertible.

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