It Doesn’t Take Much To Start A Diesel Mercedes After 16 Years

It is often said that diesel engines offer superior reliability with proper maintenance. While we’ll let you decide if that’s still the case, the video below is no exception. In his latest installment, YouTuber Flexiny takes a diesel Mercedes-Benz that had been dormant for 16 years and turns it on.

Since the 1988 Mercedes-Benz W124 had been stationary for so long, the first thing to do was get the car out of hiding. Surprisingly, three of the four tires held the air without a problem. After improving the position of the car and raising the hood, the engine appeared to be in very good condition. Various components appeared to be seized, but the dipstick was not dry and most of the components appeared relatively healthy.

Following a battery exchange on the car, a kind of alarm on the dashboard was triggered. After some research to diagnose the problem, the worker who resuscitated the car found the problem. With the alarm disabled, all electrical circuits appeared to be functioning normally.

With a little anti-seize on various components the engine ran but never really started. Somehow, after removing a belt from the front of the engine, the car started without a problem. After filling up with fluid and replacing the belt that had been removed, the car started again with the same vigor. We would love to see if the gearbox was working, but as all of this is happening you have to walk before you can run.

The engine didn’t look completely healthy after it came back to life, but we were surprised it pulled at all. Let us know what you think of this Mercedes-Benz revival in the comments below.

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