E85 Fuel

Is E85 Fuel Really Useful?

You might have seen some E85 fuel pumps in your neighborhood. These pumps have become popular among compatible vehicles thanks to how they offer fuel from a renewable resource that is also cheaper. But is E85 fuel really all that valuable?

E85 Fuel
E85 Fuel

An E85-powered car can handle a higher amount of ethanol. The ethanol is produced from corn harvesting. A car can take in the fuel thanks to how the engine can consume fuel with a lower heating value. By not having to produce as much heat, it becomes easier for the car to take in the E85 fuel without being hard to utilize.

But the main consideration to see surrounding E85 fuel involves how the fuel works with a higher octane rating. This produces a more powerful source of energy for a vehicle.

Why Is the Octane Higher?

You can expect the octane in E85 fuel to work at about 100 on average. This is much higher than what you might get out of other traditional forms of fuel.

The main reason for this high octane is that E85 has a higher resistance to detonation. This means that extra power can be produced in little time. The strong compression build is powerful enough to get a turbocharged engine moving well, although this is provided that the fuel can be handle by an engine.

Air is compressed into an engine through forced induction, thus causing air to heat up. The coolest air charges are dense and therefore capable of producing extra power. The cool air within the E85 fuel ensures that the engine will keep on working without being hard to maintain or plan out.

A Safe Choice

You can use E85 fuel without risking problems over how well your engine is heated. The E85 fuel works safer than traditional gas thanks to the added alcohol content in the ethanol. The alcohol cools down the air and fuel charge system, thus allowing the engine to generate more power without being fast. This is important in allowing E85 to work in supercharged engines. Also, the hotspots in the combustion chamber will be reduced, thus ensuring that pre-ignition problems might come about.

A Cheap Choice

It is interesting to see how E85 fuel is cheap in comparison with many other types of fuel. E85 fuel can be found for $2 or less per gallon depending on where you are. The total can be substantially lower than what you’d find out of regular fuel.

In fact, E85 fuel is becoming increasingly popular when compared with high-octane racing fuels. Such high-octane fuels that have the same equivalent octane as E85 fuel can go for $5 or more per gallon depending on where you go. This could be extremely expensive or hard to handle.

Some Work May Be Required

A vehicle that does not work with E85 fuel can still work with the fuel provided that a fuel system upgrade can be performed. E85 does not have the same potential as regular gas does. Therefore, the E85-powered vehicle has to be handled cautiously without being too hard to handle or use.

A Final Word

The importance of E85 fuel is important for all to see. E85 is intriguing for being helpful and easy to power up, but it is important to watch for how well the E85 fuel is produced and how a car can handle the fuel.

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