Irmscher Black Phantom Is An Opel ‘Lifestyle’ Van With Attitude

We have known the British replacement company Irmscher for tuning Opel and other GM cars. While you’ve typically tuned the company’s sedans and crossovers, this latest UK version is a little different.

Presentation, the Irmscher is3 Black Phantom. Yes, it is a pickup truck, but it is dressed with an attitude while providing lifestyle features that your family would benefit from. If you ask us, this sinister looking people carrier deserves your attention.

Based on the Opel Zafira, the Irmscher Black Phantom obtains blackened accents and accents with a revised front apron and an integrated Irmscher front spoiler lip. Body kits continue on the sides with the addition of side skirts and other embellishments. At the rear, the van receives a revised rear apron, a skirt and a spoiler. Irmscher said that all body kits have been extensively tested for aerodynamic efficiency.

To match the blackened style (which includes badges, by the way), Irmscher also added 20-inch Heli Star rims that fit perfectly into the wheel arches of the lowered chassis. It definitely looks good, and Irmscher said the Black Phantom “rolls like rails.”

In addition to aesthetic updates, the Irmscher Black Phantom also comes with interior enhancements that suit the lifestyle nickname. No details were provided, however, but based on the images, it looks like Irmscher can add a stove to the back of the van in case you remove it from the grille.

Irmscher hasn’t announced the price of the Irmscher Black Phantom yet, but we think it won’t be cheap. The company also released a quick video of this sinister-looking pickup, which you can watch below:

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