Infiniti Planning ‘Much More’ Horsepower, Won’t Cut Any Models

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand, suffers from the same pains as its parent company. Sales are down in its largest market – the United States – and the company is looking for a way to go. Earlier this month, Infiniti’s chief operating officer, Ashwani Gupta, began developing part of this plan only for Infiniti president Peyman Kargar, to flesh out in a new interview with Automotive news. Kargar explains how Infiniti will not reduce the number of models it sells while hinting at the future of the brand’s powertrains.

Part of the way forward for Infiniti will be to rely on existing Nissan models and platforms, probably dividing the architectures between the two. However, to differentiate Infiniti and Nissan, Infiniti plans to use Nissan’s e-Power hybrid transmission system, although it is an exclusive version of the technology. He will have a unique name which will be announced in the coming months. Infiniti will also offer a conventional internal combustion engine and a purely electric powertrain.

In May, Nissan presented an extensive plan to reorganize its range, refocus the business on key markets, streamline and update its products. For Infiniti, there will not be such a rationalization of its range. Infiniti has been excluded from talks about reducing its lineup because there are no plans to do so, which today includes a coupe, sedan and a trio of crossovers / SUVs.

Currently, Kargar, who assumed the role of president on June 1, is still evaluating the position and the plan of the business, declaring to the publication that his objective is to ensure that the current plan of the company leads to a “sustainable premium brand”. He also said he would adjust this plan if necessary. The huge Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, after some tumultuous years, announced last month a restructuring plan which should reduce competition between members, improve R&D cooperation and reverse the downward trend in sales of the alliance. Infiniti is part of this return.

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