Indiana Family Drives Wrangler, Raptor Into Lake To Save Sinking Boat

Your boat sinks fairly close to the dock. Once safe, how do you react? If your answer is to drive a Jeep Wrangler and a Ford F-150 Raptor into the lake in order to save the disaster-struck watercraft, then you think like this family in Cedar Lake, Indiana. Things are not going well, judging by the video and the photos.

The clip below starts with the F-150 and the Wrangler already in the water, and a woman tells what is going on. The Jeep is further down the lake but goes nowhere. The Ford seems to float but on the verge of sinking. It seems that people are pushing the pickup, perhaps in order to help reach a place where the wheels can get some traction. During this time, the boat sinks slowly.

The video is then cut and the Raptor is gone. The boat descends lower into the water, and the Wrangler charges towards the sinking craft. The depth is too great and the driver must back up.

This boat would be a Pavati wake boat valued at over $ 300,000. A commenter on a Facebook article on the incident says that the watercraft is only two weeks old. The owner allegedly used the Wrangler in the lake before setting up his dock, so putting it in the water is not as strange as this video suggests.

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