In 2020, We Are All This Woman Trying To Find Her Fuel Filler Door

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously taken its toll on many things – the global auto industry, economic stability and of course health. However, with varying degrees of restrictions and quarantines in place in many parts of the world, one of the most important obstacles we face is the psychological adversity that this pandemic throws at us.

Being locked up inside our homes – with activities reduced to the basics – it’s not surprising that some of the things we usually do daily before may seem a little odd when we get back on track.

These activities can range from difficult tasks like driving for hours to simple tasks like filling a car’s fuel tank.

Example: this woman who tries (and fails) to find the fuel filler door on the Dodge Grand Caravan she drives.

This video was published on a sub-Reddit called r / holdmycosmo, which is a collection of fun ways in which girls fail in life usually under the influence of alcohol or a cosmo, hence the name of the thread.

While our initial reaction would be to laugh at the lady for failing to accomplish such a mundane task, we cannot help but sympathize with her, especially in these times when the world seems to be falling apart.

No matter how funny the situation is for us, I think we should cut people down these days. We do not know why it fails. It may be her parents’ van and she is not used to driving a huge vehicle.

Anyway, let’s all show empathy. Or at least try.

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