Hyundai Wants To Keep The Manual Hot Hatch Alive

The population of manual hot hatches is decreasing, and that is not surprising at all, as the demand for performance cars with three pedals is also decreasing. Volkswagen has abandoned the gearshift option for the hotter Golf variants (the GTD diesel and the electrified GTE), both using only DSGs. Fortunately, the German brand has retained the GTI with a six-speed manual transmission.

Honda and Ford have also kept their manual hot hatches, the Civic Type R, Focus ST and Fiesta ST all using six-speed manual gearboxes.

Hyundai, on the other hand, promises not to abandon manual transmission for its N cars, according to a report by Sale of cars.

“Where possible, we would like to continue to offer buyers the choice of a manual transmission for purists or the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission,” said Hyundai product planner Howard Lam in the report. Australian publication.

We are not however completely surprised by this. Hyundai updated the i30 N hot hatch this year and luckily, its six-speed manual transmission is still intact in its list of options with a new seven-speed dual clutch.

The i20 N, meanwhile, is nearing launch. Previous reports speculated that the pocket rocket would get a stick change or not, but now purist fans of the brand will be able to sleep knowing that the Korean brand is not giving up on the MT option.

However, Hyundai recognizes that the demand for manual transmissions is no longer as high. In Sale of carsreport, Lam said: “It’s hard to say what growth we’re going to achieve, but we understand that our competitors who offer an automatic have achieved significant mixing with these transmissions … We will just have to wait. I would say more people will buy the auto than the manual. “

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