Hyundai Venue Drops Manual Due To Poor Demand

Hyundai Venue Drops Manual Due To Poor Demand

One of the nation’s most important vehicle segments in recent years has always been the crossover. Small crossovers, in particular, account for a huge portion of vehicle sales in the United States each year. Hyundai is no stranger to this, and their smallest crossover to date, the Venue, has led the fight directly against its rivals by offering a similar size that certainly looks familiar, but with some features and elements that help it out. be a strong competitor. So in a sea of ​​models, versions and other brands, you’d think the power of choice would prevail, right? Not if you like three pedals.

A Hyundai spokesperson recently told Car and Driver that the Korean brand will no longer offer manual transmission for the Hyundai Venue in 2021. The reason? Lack of demand. Honestly, we weren’t really surprised. While the idea of ​​driving a uniquely styled and rather energetic 1.6-liter four-cylinder with a manual transmission and clutch might appeal to some, this market is just too small.

Also, crossovers are all about practicality, and when we talk about that “p” word, convenience isn’t too far behind. The six-speed manual transmission was previously only available on the base SE model, which also offered an optional CVT. Well, for 2021, the CVT will be standard in all versions of Venue, offering an EPA rating of 30 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway.

The 2021 Hyundai Venue will now drop the list of subcompact crossovers sold in the United States with a third pedal and slushbox, leaving behind the Kia Soul and Subaru Crosstrek to carry the torch. On a positive note, there might be an extremely slim chance that the Venue N Line offers some excitement (fingers crossed for a manual?), And you can still get the Veloster, Accent, and Elantra in manual too.

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