Hyundai Palisade, Genesis GV80 Production Stops Due To Lack Of Parts

Production of the Hyundai Palisade and Genesis GV80 stopped earlier this week because there weren’t enough parts. The report of does not say why production stopped on Monday, June 15. However, the publication noted that the production stoppage of Palisade and GV80 comes after three assembly lines – two at Hyundai’s Ulsan 2 plant and one at Ulsan 4 – were closed after an employee part of the supplier died of what is believed to be coronavirus.

Production stoppages have plagued the South Korean automaker since the start of the pandemic. In February, production stopped due to a shortage of cable harnesses. At the time, Chinese suppliers were struggling to meet demand due to the pandemic, and the disruptions appear to continue. As governments relax restrictions and employees return to work, the coronavirus continues to spread, causing such hiccups. As recently as last week, Kia stopped production at two factories when two nearby workers contracted the virus.

The GV80, the brand’s first SUV, has also proven to be very popular for Genesis. Last month, before production started, the company had received almost 10,000 reservations for the new SUV. In comparison, Genesis sold 21,233 new cars in total last year. It is a very delicious garnish for the luxury brand Genesis, offering features such as a group of 3D digital instruments, handwriting recognition and an air purification system that actively measures the quality of the air.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many headaches for the automotive industry. Vehicle production has been halted for various periods around the world, while dealerships have had to close their doors to customers. Hyundai’s global sales fell 26% in the first five months of this year, according to The one-two punch left automakers struggling to keep up with the demand for cars they can’t make because of a lack of parts. It will be a difficult start to normality.

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