Hyperion XP-1 Hydrogen-Powered Electric Supercar Teased Again

With a philosophy of space technology for the road, Hyperion makes hydrogen the way to go. With the latest automotive movement focused on current electrical technology, hydrogen has slipped through the cracks. The company’s latest XP-1 hydrogen electric supercar aims to fill this gap.

“We are extremely pleased to launch Hyperion around the world so that we can educate people about the benefits of hydrogen fuel systems,” said Hyperion Ceo and founding member Angelo Kafantaris. Founded in 2011 by a well-trained team, the company is technology-driven and aims to revolutionize the transportation industry with hydrogen systems. Based in Orange, California, Hyperion offers the masses advanced space technology launched by NASA.

While the trend for supercars to use electric motors in tandem with internal combustion is booming, it is not surprising that fossil fuels are still running out. The 100% electric supercars are advancing faster than ever, but battery life and recharging times are still a concern. Even the Nurburgring record, the all-electric Nio EP-9 suffers from these pitfalls of conventional electrical technology. Meanwhile, Hyperion aims to harness the power of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.

The XP-1 uses a high performance, zero emission hydrogen-electric powertrain. The power system is equipped with technology directly derived from the world’s largest aeronautical engineering companies and space agencies. Although its latest concept XP-1 is environmentally friendly, it will not be slowed down by any effort. Hyperion says the XP-1 will be able to overtake modern supercars without having to worry about range, cooldowns, endurance and recyclability. All the good things when you think of today’s vehicles.

The XP-1 is expected to be released in August this year and we are excited to see what it is capable of. Let us know your thoughts on the XP-1 in the comments below.

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