How The Cadillac Lyriq Got Its Name

Those who know their automotive history should know Cadillac by using real names in its cars. There have been many since the luxury automaker established itself in the industry in the early 1900s.

However, the turn of the millennia marked the transition from Cadillac to the alphanumeric nomenclature, which came with the brand Art and science design philosophy. Two decades later, the Warren-based automaker decides to return to naming its cars with real names, and it starts with the Cadillac Lyriq.

The Lyriq also marks the transition from the brand to electrification. The crossover EV, which is due to debut on August 6, adapts its parent company’s modular platform for electric vehicles which supports battery capacities from 50 kilowatt hours to 200 kWh.

Beyond the details, however, the return of Cadillac to give its cars real names is a conscious effort – at least according to Phil Dauchy, the company’s head of global branding. In an exclusive interview with the GM authority, Lyriq is part of the new Cadillac naming structure which involves ending the monickers in “iq” which effectively replace CT and XT. It will also mark Cadillac’s big step towards electrification.

Dauchy also said that the new naming structure “signals that Cadillac is bringing a different type of vehicle to the market, which works in concert with people, nature and machine”.

Another reason for the Lyriq name was the fact that Cadillac is the most mentioned brand in the songs, according to Dauchy. We are not going to discuss this.

After Lyriq, Cadillac is also expected to launch the Celestiq, which is a full-size luxury sedan that will certainly become the brand’s flagship name. Dauchy promises great things with the Celestiq, but of course that is subject to interpretation once the new vehicle is launched.

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