Hot Wheels Previews Over 30 Cars During San Diego Comic-Con Panel

In a typical year, over 100,000 people would currently crowd into the San Diego Convention Center for the annual San Diego Comic-Con. 2020 is far from a normal year, and although in-person activities are canceled, the show must continue. There are plenty of events and online panels planned, like the one Hot Wheels hosted earlier today.

Hot Wheels has a long history of special Comic-Con exclusives. This year includes two tributes to Hollywood blockbusters, including a polished X-Wing diorama by Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Hulk in the back of a Land Rover as seen in Avengers: Endgame. Perhaps more interesting, however, are the several previews – AKA previews of future offerings – that Hot Wheels revealed during their video panel earlier today. If you missed it, the clip is available below.

The sneaks don’t focus on conventional Hot Wheels car designs, but decidedly unconventional machines with themes ranging from Japanese pop culture to video games, children’s toy lines and more. While car enthusiasts generally love Hot Wheels in all shapes and sizes, we don’t know how enthusiasts will feel about the new lineup of Rugrats-themed cars, although Chuckie the Beach Buggy is pretty cool. Besides, there is also Bruce, the toothy shark of The world of Nemo recreated as a 6×6 bodacious, and White as snow gets a sleek 1930s coupe. What if you don’t have enough Hello Kitty, you’ll soon find no less than three character-themed cars.

Video games are also in the mix, including four cool cars fitted out with Overwatch as a theme. Racing-themed games are represented by a wide range of Mario kart offerings, and for the kids of the 1980s, Hot Wheels will make He-man come to life in the form of a wacky off-road muscle car. His sworn enemy Skeleton also returns in the form of a weird rat rod.

Finally, you can’t have anything Comic-Con related without including superheroes. Apart from the above Avengers: Endgame exclusive, Hot Wheels presented two design concepts from the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 cop in the DC universe. Not to be outdone, a Mercedes-AMG GT gets a futuristic remake for Marvel Black Widow.

All of these models are slated to go on sale this fall or spring 2021. You can browse our photo gallery above for a preview of what to expect.

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