Hot Pink McLaren 570S Gets Totaled In Low-Speed Crash With VW Golf

Supercars, as attractive as they are, especially if your budget allows, are not for everyone. With above-average power typically sent to the rear wheels, this special breed of vehicles is hot to handle even at low speeds. More so if the person behind the wheel is so eager to step on the accelerator.

Example: this bright pink McLaren 570S which was totaled in London a few weeks ago.

We came across this through a post from London Fire Department Commander Simon Tuhill on Twitter. It was tragic, but wait until you find out what the speed limit was on that street.

Supercar McLaren 570S bright pink totaled
Hot pink McLaren 570S supercar crashed into VW Golf

The incident happened in an affluent part of town on August 6, 2020. It happened along Montagu Mansions in Marylebone, which has a speed limit of 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers per hour). According to Tuhill’s tweet, the driver has “lost control” – no surprise given that a maximum torque of 443 pound-feet (601 Newton-meters) is transferred to its rear wheels.

The 570S hit an unsuspecting Volkswagen Golf. Judging from the photos, the 570S appears to be totalized, with the front end mutilated to almost indistinction, while pieces of its body are scattered around the area. We can’t be so sure about the damage to the Golf, but it appears to have lost two of its hubcaps, to say the least.

Car crashes seem to be a normal occurrence on this side of the world, at least that’s what Tuhill’s tweet implied. But as reported in May, London has seen ten fatal car crashes since the coronavirus lockdown.

May this remind us that clear streets are not a green light for us to be reckless on the road, even more so if you are driving a powerful car. Let’s all be careful, so we won’t end up like this hot pink McLaren 570S.

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