Hop Aboard Civic Type R Limited Edition While It Hot Laps The ‘Ring

Don’t you just love how cars are born out of competition? The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is a prime example. Limited to just 600 units in the United States, the latest version of the Honda hot hatch was created to reclaim its crown from the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R, which beat the Honda as the most powerful all-wheel-drive production car. fast from the Nürburgring.

Losing 20.9 kilograms of weight compared to its standard version, this Phoenix Yellow Civic Type R has already taken the crown of the Mégane RS on the Suzuka circuit in Japan (video at the bottom of this article).

But can he beat the Mégane RS at the ‘Ring? Honda has not published an official Nürburgring lap time. The video embedded at the top of this story, however, is a glimpse into what the special Civic Type R can do at the hands of the Argustest driver – and it looks promising.

We couldn’t help but notice how skillful the pilot is in the video. The Civic Type R is designed to perform flawlessly, but the test driver here made it easy. Its use of oversteer on take-off is remarkable, as are its exit speeds when cornering.

With this type of driver at the helm and the promise the Civic Type R Limited Edition carries, we won’t be surprised if it takes over the crown from the Mégane RS.

Sadly, the hot lap above is not timed (or was not disclosed on video anyway), so we won’t know if he actually beat the French hot hatch on this unofficial race. That being said, it only remains to wait for Honda’s official turn.

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