Honda Trademarks ‘Trailsport’ For Possible Off-Road-Ready Models

The off-road territory is slowly becoming congested. Ford has an all-new Bronco frame-mounted body to take on the segment leader, the Jeep Wrangler, and it’s something we’ve been waiting for for years. We even imagined General Motors going into the competition, but it turns out another manufacturer might actually be looking to grab a piece of the pie. If a new patent filing is anything to go by, Honda could actively consider offering a more hardcore all-terrain vehicle. Or vehicles.

Unearthed by CarBuzz, the app on the name “Trailsport” is obviously registered for use in “automobiles and automotive structural parts” but that doesn’t tell us much. Our source speculates that the moniker could be used on off-road machines with several models to be included in the lineup.

If we take a look at Honda’s current model lineup, the Passport comes across as the most obvious candidate for the new Trailsport treatment. In the past, the model shared a body-on-frame chassis with the Isuzu Rodeo and it is still actively promoted as a “rugged mid-size SUV.” It might not be on par with the Bronco in terms of off-road capability, but a few suspension tweaks and design improvements could make it a true Wrangler rival.

As CarBuzz mentions, the closely related Ridgeline truck “would certainly make sense as a recipient of a Trailsport badge.” After all, with the Gladiator, Jeep already has a rugged compact pickup and there are rumors of a direct competitor based on the new Bronco.

Of course, this is mostly speculation at this point. Sometimes, automakers often take that extra step to protect a name without even having any actual plans. Only time will tell if this is the case with Honda’s “Trailsport” case.

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