Honda Kills Fit, Civic Coupe, And Accord With Manual Gearbox

Honda Fit, Civic Coupé and Accord equipped with a manual gearbox leave the American market. Automotive news first reported the models’ retirement, and confirmed the news with Honda.

The Fit disappears at the end of the 2020 model year. The company’s explanation for this decision is that the market is different from the original introduction of the Fit in 2006. “HR-V and Civic Hatchback have become the new gateway models for the Honda brand, offering meaningful utility, performance and value, “Honda’s What’s New Report for 2021 says. To balance the Fit that goes, Honda plans to increase production of the HR-V.

The combination of the popularity of the Civic Hatchback and the diminishing popularity of two-door vehicles is the reason the Civic coupe was killed at the end of the 2020 model year. The automaker says the hatchback version accounts for 24% of Civic sales since 2016, while the coupe has gone from 16% to 6% over the same period.

Honda stopped building the Accord with the manual transmission in December 2019, as only 1-2% of buyers selected this transmission. According to Automotive News, there are enough three-pedal models to power the rest of the model year.

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