Honda Civic Type R Takes A Swan Dive Off Garage Lift

A change of engine and transmission oil should be an easy maintenance job and it is in fact 99.99 percent of the time. Unfortunately for the owner of this blue Honda Civic Type R – and for all the reducers on the market – things did not go as planned with the oil change of the hot hatch from Japan.

As TireMeetsRoad reports, the owner went to Upland, California-based JuJu Built Engineered Performance to give his Type R a new engine and gearbox oil. What was supposed to be a routine garage visit ended up being an insurance nightmare when the car fell from the elevator. Obviously, the owner has become furious and plans to sue the store.

“Yesterday, a customer brought their car for an interview. We had the car on the rack for an oil change and a trans fluid change. The car drove without any problems. The rack has broken down. The car started to tilt and fell. We could not have done anything to prevent this from happening. Sometimes accidents and mechanical breakdowns occur. However, we take this seriously. We are working with the owner of the car to resolve this issue, ”says an Instagram post from the garage.

Photos of the accident suggest that the damage to the underbody will not be dramatic and that the car should be relatively easy to repair. Unfortunately, one of the forks in the elevator went through the driver’s window in the cab and we believe the interior also needs to be fixed. A correct and detailed inspection of the entire card frame would already be planned.

Bad things happen – especially if we are talking about mechanical failures that no one can control or predict. If we understand the situation, the store is currently monitoring the damage and the insurance company will most likely investigate the accident soon.

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