Honda Civic Sedan Has Been Cancelled In The Most Ironic Of Places

The original Honda Civic was introduced in 1972 in Japan and has been sold in several body styles, including as a sedan. As the car flourished to become a worldwide commercial success for the company, its popularity in the country where it was born gradually declined. In 2010, Honda temporarily removed the model from its JDM line, bringing it back in 2017 with the tenth generation.

However, it faces the cutting block again Automotive news reports that Honda Japan decided to disconnect the Civic sedan in the midst of low demand. How poor? Well, it only sold 1,619 copies in the past fiscal year, up from a quarter of a million N-Box minicars – the best-selling kei car in Japan in 2019.

Honda is not only withdrawing the four-door Civic from the Japanese market, but also ending local production of the compact sedan. The five-door hatchback and the spicy Type R will continue to be imported from the UK, but only until the end of the current model’s life cycle.

As a reminder, the Swindon plant will close its doors next year, while the assembly of the Civic Sedan at the Turkish plant will also be completed next year. It remains to be seen whether production of the hatch will be transferred to the United States or whether the model will be assigned to another facility in Honda’s factory network.

Recent spy photos have revealed that work is underway on a new Type R, and it goes without saying that there will be another standard Civic and most likely an Si. The high-end would have more punch without adopting an electrified powertrain, so expect an increase from 306 horsepower and 400 Newton-meters (295 lb-ft) of torque

The cancellation of the Civic Sedan in The Land of the Rising Sun shows that what works in North America can be a sales flop in Japan. That would probably be the way around if Honda were to bring its square car to the United States, although if we’re talking about kei cars, we would actually prefer the excellent S660 mid-engine roadster.

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