High-Flying Ford Bronco Officially Teased, Could Be Raptor Or Warthog

High-Flying Ford Bronco Officially Teased, Could Be Raptor Or Warthog

We saw spy shots, and yesterday we reported a new trademark filing from Ford that could be linked to a high performance Bronco. Now Ford has an official teaser photo that just dropped on social media, and it certainly suggests a Bronco Raptor is imminent. Or it could be the Bronco Warthog. More on that in a moment.

At this point, there is no doubt that Ford has something big in the works for its new Bronco. Ironically, the standard model isn’t even available for sale yet – the first Broncos won’t hit dealerships until next spring – but that obviously doesn’t stop Ford from adding more fuel to the baking Bronco frenzy. all summer.

A successful Bronco was never really in doubt. After all, our first official taste of Ford’s reborn off-roader was the purebred Bronco R for Baja. Essentially, the high-speed off-road development happened simultaneously with the development of the Bronco showroom-stock. we to have think there was cross-communication between departments so that a Raptor version could be essentially plug-and-play. This is perhaps the most interesting question. Will Ford call that settled Bronco Raptor, or Warthog?

Around the same time as the Bronco’s launch, a rumor surfaced that an extreme version of the Bronco wouldn’t carry the F-150’s Raptor moniker. It would be called Warthog instead, and frankly, this rumor was unfounded until very recently, when Ford filed for a Warthog trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Even still, the rumor is just that – the brand says it could literally be used for any non-commercial land vehicle built by Ford. Our sources still prefer Raptor as the name of the high-flying Bronco, but there is growing evidence for Warthog.

We don’t have a lot of information on mechanical upgrades for this model. The engine could be the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 used in the Ford Explorer ST, where it develops 400 horsepower. An upgraded version of the boosted 2.7-liter V6 already available in the Bronco is also a possibility. Don’t expect a V8, however, as we recently reported that such an option would likely cause more problems than it’s worth.

When might we learn the truth – and the name – of this new Bronco company? It’s hard to say, but we doubt this machine will go on sale at the same time as the standard SUV. In other words, we could have several months of waiting ahead of us.

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