Batmobile For Robert Pattinson

Here’s A Good Look At The New Batmobile In Broad Daylight

By now you should have heard that a new Batman movie is coming. It’s now in its 11th iteration since Michael Keaton brought the capped crusader to the big screen in 1989.

While Robert Pattinson somehow adds to the popularity of the DC movie – plus the fact that the new Batman was once a sparkling vampire – what we car enthusiasts really want to see is the new Batmobile.

We’ve taken a good look at the new Batmobile through previous movie trailers and director Matt Reeves’ tweet. Now is the time to see the Batmobile in broad daylight, as it would have been spied on during a shoot (see video at the top of this page).

While the previous teaser footage shows us a good look at the Batmobile’s vented hood and muscle car stance, these spy shots show us more of the rear, which houses a rather exposed engine bay. The rear end also shows the tail light cluster (with a third brake light, oddly enough), two vertical tailpipes on either side, and a massive afterburner right in the middle.

There were two Batmobile prototypes seen in the video, the other one looking like a replacement for some scenes that don’t show the rear as it doesn’t have an engine. In the profile, BattinsonThe Batmobile looks stylish – but, of course, you already know that.

We have to wait longer before we can get a better mobile view of the new Batmobile on the big screen. The new film, which is titled The batman, is set to hit theaters in October 2021. Robert Pattinson will face a handful of villains in the film, with Zoƫ Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler and Colin Farrell as Penguin.

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