Here Are All 16 Cars Maserati Is Planning To Launch Through 2024

Here Are All 16 Cars Maserati Is Planning To Launch Through 2024

The unveiling of the Maserati MC20 at the Modena circuit was the opening event of a new era for the Italian brand. The company is planning an ambitious rejuvenation of its range. Anyone who fears that the merger of FCA and PSA into Stellantis will leave Maserati marginalized within the huge automaker can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Modenese company gives the impression of becoming more independent while exploiting the many synergies within FCA. Maserati makes full use of its Italian resources and know-how. As one of the first acts of the brand’s rebirth, it features the Nettuno V6 engine for the MC20. This is just the start of an industrial plan that includes up to 16 launches, including 13 entirely new models and 3 updates by 2024.

First The Grecale, then New Grand Tourers.

SedanGhibli and Quattroporte updateNew Quattroporte
Ghibli hybridQuattroporte EV
Coupe or convertibleMC20New GranTurismo
New GranCabrio
GranTurismo EV
GranCabrio EV
Spider MC20
CrossoverGreekGreek EVNew Levante
Levante hybridLevante EV

The renewal of the range began this year with the restyling of the Ghibli, including the introduction of a hybrid variant. The company also presented the V8-powered Trofeo models, confirming the brand’s desire not to neglect tradition and performance. In the near future, a refresh is underway for the Quattroporte.

Maserati road map

In 2021, Maserati will put a major focus on crossovers. Le Grecale will offer the brand a smaller offering in the segment. There will also be a hybrid version of the Levante.

Then, a massive product offensive will take place in 2022. Maserati will get its first fully electric models with the launch of the Grecale and MC20 electric vehicles. The new GranTurismo and GranCabrio will also arrive with combustion engines and electric powertrains.

In 2023, the top of the range will be redesigned with the arrival of the new Quattroporte and Levante. These two will also be available with combustion and EV power.

The future is electric

Maserati calls its electric powertrain Folgore, which means “lightning” in Italian. It consists of a three-engine configuration. One feeds the front axle. The two at the rear have individual power and torque management for each wheel to achieve active torque vector functionality.

The system operates on an 800 volt system that uses a new generation of inverters with silicon carbide (SiC) components. This is a solution similar to the hybrid and electric technology used in Formula 1 and Formula E.

High frequency switches allow SiC inverters to improve vehicle performance and range. The 800 volt electrical system is also capable of handling high power recharges up to 300 kW.

Changes for the Modena headquarters and the factory

Brand rejuvenation is not just about a new product. The historic headquarters of Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena receives a refurbished factory for the construction of the MC20. The building also houses the Maserati Engine Lab, a center for technological research applied to the development of the powertrain whose primary work is the Nettuno engine. Over the past 80 years, the plant has produced around 90,000 road cars and more than 400 racing cars.

Maserati road map

Past and present: the Classic and Fuoriserie programs

Maserati wants to have a close relationship with its customers, like other high-end brands. The automaker creates a new Classic department that takes care of all operations related to historic models, including documentation and restoration.

Maserati road map

Maserati has created the Fuoriserie program with the same aim of offering customers more possibilities to customize their cars. There will be three levels of customization, depending on what a buyer wants. These customers will be able to specify specific colors, upholstery, finishes and accessories to create their ideal Maserati.

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