Hellcat-Swapped Buick Grand National Rendering Previews A Real Car

Automotive renderings. Most people like them, some don’t care and a few people really don’t like them (yes, we read the comments). Here’s the problem with renderings – they are a gateway to the imagination where all kinds of auto follies are possible. It can be a great fun place if you let yourself enjoy the trip, and sometimes the trip through fantasy even shows up in reality.

That’s what’s going on here with this gruesome Buick Grand National. We have featured many renderings by Abimele Design that often feature fantastic vehicles replaced by an engine that look absolutely real. The Grand National traded with Hellcat shown here is not real, but it is the vision of a GN Hellcat being built. How cool is that?

Details on the actual version are not provided except that this is a work in progress. A Facebook page called Project Hellnational has a real car with a big Hellcat V8 under the hood, but the renderings show what it will look like when all it’s pinched, folded, painted and dialed. The renderings also serve as a way to sample different design elements before you take out the tools, and there’s no other way to tell – this Grand National looks like a hell beast from every angle.

Ironically, the Buick Grand National earned its legendary reputation by do not racing a V8 engine. In production version the GN used a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 and in GNX top-dog version it was one of the fastest accelerating cars built in the 1980s and yes that includes exotics like the Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Countach.

Fitting a V8 into a space where a V6 once stood seems tricky, and the 6.2-liter Hellcat with its big blower isn’t small by V8 standards. However, the Grand National’s plebian Buick Regal trim level offered V8 options at the time, and at first glance, the Hellnational has no problem with the mill under the hood.

We hope the renderings of this epic build inspire the actual car to look just as good, if not better. And we can’t wait to share the next round of renderings so our imaginations can run wild.

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