Hardcore Ferrari 812 Briefly Spotted On The Streets Of Maranello

812 GTO and 812 VS – these are a few names floating around on the interwebs that Ferrari could use for its hardcore variant of Superfast. The first does not need to be presented because Gran Turismo Omologato was made famous by the iconic 250 GTO in the mid-1960s before being used again about 20 years later for the 288 GTO and there are about a decade for the 599 GTO.

As for the other nickname, VS means “versione speciale”, which is Italian for “special version”. Ferrari has also used it in the past for cars such as the Berlinetta Speciale 375 MM, the 348 Speciale, the 458 MM Speciale and others. It’s unclear at the moment which of the two will be used, unless Ferrari chooses something completely different. Hopefully it won’t be The Superfast.

New evidence shows that the 812 Superfast will, finally … get faster. Taken near Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, this menacing black prototype had a manufacturer’s plate and a beefier rear diffuser. The noise from the car was also a little different, either due to the modified engine or more stringent emission regulations in Europe.

A gasoline particulate filter is likely for the bad guy 812, and so should all the prancing horses sold on the old continent in the future. While enthusiasts certainly don’t like where things are going, we should all be thankful to Ferrari for finding a way to keep the V12 alive.

They become a dying breed, given that BMW should center the M760i with the new generation of the 7 series, while Mercedes will only use it on the Maybach S-Class models. Bentley, Rolls-Royce Aston Martin, Pagani and Lamborghini are other brands still offering a V12. With the downsizing trend in full swing, the list may become shorter in the coming years.

Not only are we happy that Ferrari keeps the V12 alive, but the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated will likely be massaged to deliver the more than 800 horsepower and 718 Nm (530 lb-ft) it offers in the 812 Superfast. Corroborated by a possible weight loss, the new 812 GTO / VS should be an absolute rocket, not that the standard model is a slouch… The coupe would be completed by a cabrio version representing an improved derivative of the 812 GTS presented in the video above .

Ferrari didn’t even recognize the existence of the car, so we don’t know when it will be revealed. For what it’s worth, two debuts have been confirmed for 2020. One of them could be the SF90 Stradale Spider, while the other could be this spicy Superfast.

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