Guy With 12,000 Miles On His Corvette C8 Shares His Likes And Dislikes

YouTuber Zac LP ​​has driven 12,000 miles in his 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 since acquiring the coupe in March. It’s his daily driver and road machine, in addition to the occasional runs on the Strip. If you are currently in the market for a Vette C8 ‘, you may only want one more after hearing from this owner’s experience.

All of Zac LP’s complaints about his C8 are fairly minor issues. For example, the car can be difficult to clean. There is a section in front of the engine intake on the side that appears to attract debris from the road. In addition, it is difficult to clean the inside of the transparent part of the engine cover.

A little more concerning is that there is a huge blind spot above the driver’s right shoulder. The good news is that viewing the camera out of the rearview mirror largely alleviates the problem.

The owner is also very impressed with the grip of the tires. Even in the rain, the launch control can catch on this rubber.

Zac LP ​​did not experience the reported issue of opening the front panel on the road. He attributes the problem to user error. In his opinion, either people do not close it properly, or they accidentally hit the button on the remote control that opens the room.

Chevy has no problem finding buyers for the C8. At present, new orders for the 2021 model require approximately 12-18 months to be delivered. So if Zac LP ​​Video is desperate for a new Vette, then be prepared to queue or look for one of the few used examples on the market.

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