Got A Rolls-Royce Cullinan? Try Balancing A Coin On Its Big V12

Some engines work better than others. Nor is it necessarily a matter of excessive depreciation. Some engine designs have a natural balance, which is why you so often see car reviews referring to a V12 smooth and silky. The big twelve-pot is perhaps the most fluid of all, and when you take into account all the isolation that Rolls-Royce integrates in its models, the result is a very smooth 6.75 liter engine.

This was firsthand seen in a recent video posted on TikTok by Rolls-Royce Cleveland. You can watch the video at the source link below, which shows a well-dressed individual carefully balancing a nickel on its edge at the top of the large V12. Admittedly, the video hardly shows nickel – our screenshot above is pretty much the best look – and the clip suddenly cuts short after it is balanced. Maybe nickel couldn’t keep up with what looks like a rather noisy Rolls-Royce, but still, balancing nickel on the edge of a running engine isn’t easy.

But it’s not that difficult either. As we mentioned, some engines have a natural balance and this includes the six in line. Even a V8 tends to operate naturally smoothly, with a staff member – albeit briefly – balancing a nickel on his old 5.0-liter V8 at idle. The same cannot be said of typical four-cylinder engines, which often need some sort of balancing shaft to keep vibrations to a minimum. But the V12 are epic for their stability, as seen in this boot clip of an old BMW 8 Series from Greenman Solar on YouTube.

While the Rolls-Royce video isn’t necessarily special, it does remind us of something that many drivers take for granted. Performance gearboxes seek noise and power, but even the most demanding drivers sometimes want a quiet and smooth trip. If there is one moral to the story here, it is that everyone should experience the joy of a V12 engine sorted at least once in their life.

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