GMC MultiPro Tailgate Coming To Silverado In 2021: Report

It looks like there might be some internal flexing between truck brands under the umbrella of General Motors. GMC made a big deal about its six-way MultiPro hatchback when the current-generation GMC Sierra launched in 2018. It was long assumed that the trick door would make its way to the Chevrolet Silverado, and that day could be. close. Sort of, anyway.

We say kind of for several reasons. GM Authority reports that the special hatchback arrives midway through the 2021 model year, which would suggest an arrival around January or February. However, the report rightly mentions the coronavirus pandemic as a possible fly in the ointment that could cause delays. And we have certainly seen a lot of delays in the automotive business over the past few months.

The second reason is that it may not be called the MultiPro tailgate. GM likes to carve out an individual brand identity, so as it transitions from GMC Sierra to Chevrolet Silverado the name may change to MultiFlex. Also, it might not just be a new name on the same door, as the report mentions rumors of design updates to give the Silverado something a little different from the Sierra. Some criticism has been leveled at MultiPro for not being compatible with trailers in certain configurations. This could be an opportunity to launch a modest update for both trucks.

The report does not mention a specific source for this information, so take it with a grain of salt for now. He also renews the questions about the migration of the CarbonPro bed from the GMC to the Silverado. Last year we reported it was likely, but no time frame was known. A modest refresh is expected to arrive at Silverado for the 2022 model year, which might be a good time to offer the carbon fiber bed as an option.

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It would be expensive, however, like the current GMC CarbonPro Edition truck. departures over $ 66,000. It’s uncomfortably close to a Silverado 1500 with all the options you can get.

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