GM Renews E-Ray Trademark, Hinting Again At Electrified Corvette

As soon as Chevy revealed the 2020 Corvette C8 last July, attention turned to what was to follow. Rumors have been circulating about the top-end Z06 and Zora models, while whispers of hybrid power have also emerged. In 2015, speculation was all the rage when General Motors filed a trademark for E-Ray, the first clue of an electrified Corvette. Thanks to a recent discovery of, we now know that GM renewed this mark on July 31, 2020.

The filing comes at a time when the idea of ​​an electric corvette is back in the news. In a new campaign video, former Vice President Joe Biden vaguely mentions “an electric Corvette that can go 200 mph”. GM has expressed its intention to switch to zero-emission vehicles, which would include the Corvette. However, a fully electric Corvette with the E-Ray name is unlikely to be around the corner.

Instead, the name E-Ray could see many applications, if Chevy decides to use it at all. Speculation persists that future high-performance Corvette models will feature hybridization, which means there will be some form of electrification. Both the Grand Sport and Zora are expected to be equipped with hybrid engines. The name E-Ray could also be used to classify the Corvette’s hybrid power plants, or Chevy could use it on something we haven’t heard of yet.

Chances are the brand will continue to sit idle on a shelf at GM, forcing the automaker to renew it again in five years when we rewrite about the E-Ray brand, hoping GM does something with it. she. Hybrids will serve as a springboard for consumers before GM switches to a fully electric car fleet. There’s a good chance we may see more hybrid Corvettes in the future, which goes to show why GM has renewed the E-Ray brand.

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