Give Your Child An Early Bentley Experience With This Wooden Toy Garage

It’s Father’s Day for most of the world and for the head of the family, nothing beats the time we spend playing toys with our little ones. At this time of year, why not give our children a special toy to exploit their love and passion for cars? Just like what the old saying goes, start them young.

Bentley is selling something in this regard. With wooden accents and the brand’s diamond-shaped grille, it’s not exactly a Bentley in terms of price.

This Bentley wooden toy garage retails for £ 85 or about $ 105 at current exchange rates. Yes, yes, we can hear you. Why pay so much money for a toy, right? Well, it’s a Bentley, so why are you even surprised?

In addition to the Bentley emblem and the diamond-shaped grille, the wooden garage also includes functional plates, a helipad, an elevator, a car wash and a fuel pump. It measures 32 inches (81 centimeters) wide, 18 inches (46 cm) high and 17 inches (43 cm) in diameter.

Unfortunately, Bentley’s wooden toy garage is not available for order in the U.S. at the moment at But if you are in the UK, Europe or other parts of the world, delivery will only take five days, with applicable delivery charges, of course.

If this one sounds a little cheesy, you can also check out Bentley’s car for toddlers, although that will force you to lose 95 pounds ($ 117) on your budget.

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