Get A 2021 Ford Bronco R/C For $70, But There’s A Catch

The 2021 Ford Bronco is still several months away from hitting dealerships, and with over 200,000 bookings racked up, people could wait a long time to get their hands on the SUV. Sadly, the same could even be true for this New Bright Bronco R / C, rendered at 1: 8 scale and measuring 22 inches long in total. Priced at $ 69.97 at Walmart, the toy is sold out nationwide.

A Bronco fan was able to grab one and was kind enough to upload a video to the “Ford Bronco 2021” fan page on Facebook, sharing running footage with more than 26,000 group members. Clearly the New Bright example is more of a fun toy than a serious radio-controlled car, but it has no problem ripping up its owner’s gravel side yard. Rendered a sparkling Cyber ​​Orange, the Ford Bronco R / C has a body that is actually quite faithful to the actual two-door model.

Of course, New Bright has its way with the R / C SUV’s suspension and rolling stock, offering it pretty massive lift, long-stroke springs on simple pushrods and a stiff chassis. If you want a Bronco with solid front and rear axles, this is a pretty cheap way to do it. It’s also quite huge, measuring 22.8 inches long by 11.5 inches high by 12.3 inches wide. Running on a 2.4 gigahertz frequency and with a smartphone app connection available, New Bright claims that up to five Broncos can run side-by-side without any interference.

Ford Bronco R / C 2021 Walmart

Those interested in purchasing one would be better off signing up for Walmart’s email replenishment alerts or getting used to refreshing the product page regularly. It’s unclear when the New Bright Ford Bronco will reappear on store shelves or how long it will last when it does, but given the strong anticipation of the ‘real thing’ the big little R / C could be almost as much. request.

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