Genesis Will Double Its Lineup Of Models In Less Than 12 Months

Genesis Will Double Its Lineup Of Models In Less Than 12 Months

Five years after the start, the Genesis brand managed to sell three sedans in the American market. The brand also managed to break into the surface in terms of sales, moving 21,233 new cars in 2019. In contrast, Genesis was only able to sell 10,311 units in 2018, showing 100% growth in the lucrative US market thanks to the popularity of the G70.

This, of course, is not enough for Genesis. With the launch of the 2021 GV80 earlier this year, US CEO Mark Del Rosso has said the brand will double its range over the next 12 months. This was discussed during a media webinar on Monday, as reported The Detroit office.

The expansion of the range will be led by the GV80, which is expected to hit US dealerships later this year. The G80-based crossover is Genesis’ ticket to the SUV / crossover segment – a proven profitable market, especially for luxury automakers.

Speaking of the G80, the second-generation model named RG3 is also expected to hit US showrooms by next month, which should amplify the Genesis brand’s presence in the high-end segment. It’s just a bonus that the G80 and GV80 share the same platform and, therefore, an arguably striking design.

Alongside the GV80, a smaller crossover based on the G70 will also launch in the next 12 months. This will further strengthen Genesis’ position in the US SUV market, with an all-electric crossover model that will make up the lineup of up to six models. Details on the emission-free Genesis crossover are scarce at this point.

Perhaps Genesis’ biggest move that is in the pipeline is the intention to produce cars in the United States – a move similar to what its parent company, Hyundai, is doing now. Del Rosso said the company is considering doing so, but for now the focus is on production in Korea.

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