Genesis eG80 All-Electric Luxury Sedan Spied Near The Nurburgring

Genesis updated its flagship sedan earlier this year, etching the design of the GV80 SUV onto the refreshed model. It debuted with two gasoline engines and, outside of the United States, a diesel. However, new spy photos taken near the Nürburgring show the luxury brand is developing another powertrain for the G80 – an all-electric one. Details are scarce on the mysterious new model, but the images provide plenty of clues.

The most obvious to say that this is not your typical G80 is the closed and covered grille. Electric powertrains don’t require the same level of airflow for cooling and combustion as a gasoline or diesel powertrain, so automakers eliminate much of the grille opening. As you move backwards you will notice the lack of exhaust pipes and the cutouts for them are missing. There’s no fuel hatch on the rear fenders, but we also can’t spot a cutout in the camouflage for the cargo port, although it can be cleverly hidden.

There are no details on the electric powertrain. We don’t know how many motors it will have, its range, or the battery capacity. reported last month that the eG80 will compete with cars like the Tesla Model S, Mercedes EQS and others, and will arrive within two years. Genesis is also developing the ability to perform over-the-air firmware updates of the vehicle, as Tesla does with its model, giving the eG80 the ability to modify and enhance a range of vehicle functions.

Genesis does not offer an electric vehicle, and the eG80 would be the brand’s first. However, Hyundai offers the Kona EV, which sports a 201-horsepower (150-kilowatt) electric motor and a 64.0-kilowatt-hour battery that provides a range of 258 miles. It’s unclear if Genesis will adapt this for the sedan, or if the automaker might go a different route. Details are scarce and will be until Genesis tells us something official or information about it starts to leak. Stay tuned whenever we find out.

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