Fully Loaded 2021 Ford F-150 Will Cost More Than $80,000

If you haven’t noticed, Ford has had a busy month. The Bronco got a ton of praise last week. But weeks before the Bronco broke, Ford revealed the updated 2021 F-150. Visually, this is a modest upgrade, although Ford has kept many of the changes hidden under the revised styling. And many of these come at a cost. A new report from Cars Direct said the higher version of the F-150 with options could exceed $ 80,000.

Cars Direct has got their hands on more dealer ordering guides that show the top 2021 F-150 Limited 4×2 SuperCrew will start at $ 72,520 including destination fees. Add four-wheel drive and the price jumps to $ 75,945. Pick the PowerBoost Hybrid powertrain, and it’s worth an extra $ 2,500, and just like that, you’ve got an F-150 at $ 78,445. According to the post, a $ 595 bed liner and $ 995 bed cover put the truck’s price north of $ 80,000.

It’s pricey for such a truck, but it comes with features like special badges and trims, an 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, LED lighting, power running boards, a twin sunroof. panels, and more. Those who choose the Limited version with the hybrid powertrain get the Ford Pro Power Onboard generator which produces 2 kW; however, those who want the optional 7.2 kW output will have to pay $ 750 on top of the already steep price.

Higher versions of the F-150 also receive the Ford Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 Pre Package, which includes Ford’s Active Driver Assist technology hardware that Ford claims will allow hands-free driving over 100,000 miles of specific roads. However, customers will have to pay to activate the technology once it becomes available in Q3 2021, which will increase the cost of the truck.

The entry-level 2021 F-150 is seeing a slight price increase, but not all versions of the truck. Cars Direct notes that the 2021 Lariat SuperCab now costs $ 1,945 more than the 2020 model, starting at $ 46,890. King Ranch SuperCrew gets a price increase of $ 3,340 with a new starting price of $ 58,025. The F-150 prints money for Ford, and the 2021 model seeks to capitalize on that.

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