Former BMW Designer Isn’t Completely Sold With New 4 Series Design

Former BMW Designer Isn’t Completely Sold With New 4 Series Design

The current design of the BMW 4 Series has been a topic of discussion among car enthusiasts and journalists. Frankly, anyone with eyes always has something to say about their style, especially the massive lung, uh, kidney grille.

While the G22 4 series designer wants you to embrace the quirks of the new style, former BMW designer Frank Stephenson shared his thoughts on this new design direction in a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel. .

While Stephenson didn’t totally dislike the design of the second-gen coupe, it wasn’t completely sold with it. One of its main points was how the new 4 Series deviates from the brand’s identity. On the side it has toasted the C-pillars which are different from previous BMWs, while the character lines seem too soft in its eyes.

As for the grille, Stephenson thinks it’s out of touch with the whole coupe styling. It’s like two different people designed the grille and the body.

These are just a few of the many things Stephenson pointed out about the design of the G22 4 series. You can watch it all in the embedded video at the top.

For the uninitiated, Stephenson has been a leading name in the automotive industry in terms of design. In his new YouTube channel, he started a series in which he shares his thoughts on cars he had designed before, particularly the modern Mini Cooper, the Maserati MC12, the McLaren P1 (and the rest of the current lineup of McLaren) and the Ford Escort. Iconic set of Cosworth wings.

And yes, he also designed the first BMW X5 and spent 11 years at the company of which he became chief designer. He currently runs his own design studio, Frank Stephenson Design Consultancy.

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