Ford Won’t Try To Stop Dealers From Marking Up Bronco Price

Depending on the official price, it is possible to get the Ford Bronco 2021 two-door in the basic version for $ 28,500 (plus destination fees of $ 1,495). However, depending on your local dealer, you may pay even more. According to major research by Driving authorityfrom Joel Feder, the Blue Oval does not intend to prevent showrooms from applying so-called market adjustments that increase costs for customers beyond the MSRP.

The Twitter account @mrlevine mentioned by Feder refers to Mike Levine, product communications manager for Ford North America. also contacted Ford spokesperson Sam Schembari for further details. “Ford shares the Suggested Prices (MSRP) for all vehicles at dealerships and customers. However, the dealers are operated independently and, ultimately, customers and dealers will agree on the final price,” we- he says.

Dealer surcharges are unfortunately quite common when a vehicle is launched. The combination of a low supply and a high demand induces many showrooms to apply a market adjustment that increases the price and saves the dealer more money during the sale.

The practice is most common for new vehicles that appeal to a specific niche of automobile enthusiasts. For example, a dealer wanted a premium of about $ 75,000 for a 2020 Corvette with an MSRP of about $ 85,000 for a total asking price of $ 159,880. Likewise, another showroom wanted $ 115,000 for the limited-edition Subaru WRX STI S209 – an increase of $ 50,000.

Efforts to prevent dealers from increasing the cost of a vehicle are generally not going well. When Dodge tested it for the Challenger SRT Demon, some showrooms auctioned the allocations instead of applying a market adjustment to the MSRP. This helped increase the actual purchase price on paper, but still allowed these dealers to make more money for the demon.

The price of the Bronco 2021 two-door can go up to $ 59,305 (before destination) for the first edition, and reservations are already full. If you want even more, Ford plans to have more than 200 factory-supported accessories available when the SUV launches in the spring of 2021, including various racks, lighting kits, and more.

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