Ford Truck Turned Storm Chaser With Gull-Wing Doors Visits Jay Leno

Firefighters need a fire engine, while cops need a fast cruiser to chase the bad guys. Even the army and navies in the field need armored trucks to withstand any explosive attack. Needless to say, tough jobs require equally tough vehicles. That’s why famous meteorologist Reed Timmer has a platform to use for what he does best: chasing tornadoes, storms, or any other monster nature might think of.

Timmer starred in the Discovery Channel reality TV series titled Storm chaser, the documentary film Glory of the tornado, and on the Tornado Chasers series. He makes money by researching these storms, and by researching I mean he literally pursues them.

Of course, Timmer’s job needs something that can withstand anything nature throws at him. In this case, it is the Dominator 3, which, guessing by the numerical designation, is still Timmer’s third. Now don’t ask me what happened to the other two.

According to Timmer during his visit to Jay Leno’s garage, his Dominator 3 is an old Ford Super Duty truck. All the stock was left under the hood – a 6.7-liter PowerStroke V8 diesel that puts out 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 800 pound-feet (1,085 Newton-meters) of torque – but as you can see in the video. integrated on the top, the rest is enormously modified. Yes, these are gullwing doors you are looking at, and they are reinforced with 16 gauge steel and polyethylene Kevlar composite for added protection against projectiles.

Another modification of the Timmer Dominator is its airbag suspension, which allows the truck to lower to the ground in an instant. This removes the space that air could pass under, potentially overturning the platform in high speed winds.

There are other modifications on the truck and Leno even tested the Dominator 3 using a high powered jet. Watch the video at the top to see what happened.

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