Ford Releases Own Video Of 2021 Bronco Rock Crawling In Moab

By now you should know that Ford is serious by standing behind its Built wild slogan that accompanies the 2021 Bronco. We’ve seen the Blue Oval test the iconic off-roader in its natural habitat – on roads (or lack thereof) that only a few cars would dare to ride.

We saw the Bronco’s attempt to conquer the Rubicon Trail in California last week, but it was a lackluster performance that can be blamed on the man behind the wheel. Images of a best attempt were uploaded a few days later.

Ford Bronco 2021

This time, Ford is releasing an official video of the Bronco prototypes doing some testing in Moab, Utah. The eight-minute video, broadcast via the Bronco Nation The YouTube channel is integrated at the top of this page. You might want to mute your speakers, as the music takes away from what Ford is trying to accomplish with the video.

At about six minutes you could see a four-door Bronco that appears to be equipped with the Sasquatch pack. For the uninitiated, the Sasquatch package offers Bronco locking front and rear differentials, high clearance suspension with upgraded shocks, rugged 35-inch muddy-terrain tires, and high clearance fender wideners.

There is another footage of the Bronco equipped with Sasquatch uploaded by Bronco6G Forum, which you can watch below.

Except to see more of the chop horse in action in the days or weeks to come. As we said, it looks like Ford is trying to kill with the Bronco and these tests will give the Blue Oval more information to improve on the iconic nameplate before it goes into production.

What do you think of the Bronco’s performance in the videos above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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