Ford recalls 231,000 F-Series Super Duty trucks

Ford recalls 231,000 F-Series Super Duty trucks for tailgates issue

Ford recalls 231,000 F-Series Super Duty trucks for tailgates Abruptly opening

There’s also another recall for a couple million Ford Explorers and Lincoln Aviators.

Not only will thousands of Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups will need to return for possibly buggy daytime running lights, as a remember detailed earlier this week, however, the automaker also announced a larger campaign for your truck.

Ford recalls 231,000 F-Series Super Duty trucks
Ford recalls 231,000 F-Series Super Duty trucks

Ford said on Friday the 231,664 F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty pickups are coated in a new recall for tailgates that may open unintentionally. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had already opened an investigation into this situation. The recall covers 2017-2019 model years for its trucks, and another 29,953 of these are being remembered in America’s hat, aka Canada.

The automaker said water might have the ability to enter the electrical wiring system which operates the electric tailgate latch-release. This part is placed in the tailgate handle. If water gets in, it may cause a short circuit and the tailgate can open if it pleases, whether that is while parked or driving.

If the tailgate opens unintentionally, cargo could melt, which raises the chance of injury and a crash.

Ford said owners will have to take their F-Series Super Duty replacements into a trader, where a modification will be made to the tailgate wiring harnesses. A technician will also put in a release switch. All the work will be carried out at no cost.

In other news, the 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator are being remembered — again. The automaker said the most recent issue to plague the SUVs is a protective gas line sleeve which might not be long enough. This issue is only present in versions with the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6.

In SUVs with a sleeve that is too brief, the gas line could make hard contact with the convolute-protected vapour gas line. Vibrations and wear could wear down the plastic fuel line and generate a gasoline leak. Gasoline leaks are not a good thing, and this issue raises the possibility of a fire. Ford said it’s unaware of any fires or injuries associated with this issue, however.

There are 3,858 Explorers and Aviators affected, and owners need to take them to a dealer to look at the sleeve length. If it’s too short, owners will get one the appropriate length with a procuring tie strap at no cost.

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