Ford Put the F-150 Raptor’s Grille on a Van and Our Minds Are Blown

Ford Put the F-150 Raptor’s Grille on a Van and Our Minds Are Blown

You can’t fault Ford for taking advantage of the F-150 Raptor’s bold look. And you can’t deny that the Transit is a canvas that is harmless enough for silly dressing. Build a Transit pickup truck with a little Raptor in front? Sure why not? Live a little!

In the UK, this combo is available as the Ford Transit Trail (as well as the Medium Transit Transit Custom Trail, a slightly smaller version of the Transit that is not sold here). And the new trim level is more than just a cool grille that adds a little style to the mouth of the Transit.

The Transit Trail is available with two transmissions: rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The rear-wheel drive variants benefit from a new mechanical limited-slip differential developed jointly with Quaife and optimized for the vehicle’s stability control system. There is no impact on fuel consumption or emissions, says Ford. The Transit Custom Trail with front-wheel drive also receives a mechanical limited-slip differential.


Matte black details, additional body cladding (also in black) and a unique 16-inch five-spoke split wheel design complete some interior improvements, such as the leather seat surfaces and the Quickclear heated windshield from Ford.

There is also an Active variant available on medium-sized Custom vans, both Transit Custom (cargo) and Tourneo Custom (passenger). It retains the Active look, as seen on the Focus Active abroad – a version inspired by the crossover of the Focus hatchback with bodywork and a mesh-shaped grille. That’s pretty much the custom pickup formula, which includes unique 17-inch alloy wheels and standard roof racks. A limited slip differential is an additional cost option.

The Trail grille won’t transform the British Transit into an all-terrain desert monster like the F-150 Raptor, but who cares? It’s good, it’s different, and it could be the face of your next van. Unfortunately, a Ford spokesperson confirmed to us that there were no plans to sell the Trail grille in the United States.

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