Ford Mustang Raptor Rendering Is A Weird Yet Brilliant Mix

Ford’s performance division is expected to work on at least two new Raptor offerings – the new F-150 Raptor and the smaller Ranger Raptor. Seeing how good the previous Raptor models were, we keep asking ourselves if the Blue Oval should extend its all-terrain range. Ideas such as Raptor Explorer and Puma Raptor came to mind, and now a new render offers a different approach to the Raptor concept.

KDesign, the same artist who imagined the robust Puma Raptor, now offers a mix between two apparently incomparable vehicles – the Mustang and the F-150 Raptor. At first glance, it’s a strange mashup, but the aggressive front fascia of the sports car seems to match the hardcore design of the F-150 Raptor very well. Add to that the giant Ford lettering on the grille and we have a plausible Ford Mustang Raptor. Or rather, the F-150 Mustang Raptor? Anyway.

Honestly, we can’t imagine Ford taking such a radical design direction for the new generation F-150 Raptor, especially given the evolutionary appearance of the F-150. We expect the company to take a more conservative approach by mixing traditional Raptor signals with the redesigned body of the top-selling vehicle in the United States.

Looking at the next Raptor products from Ford, we are probably very excited about the new Ranger Raptor. The smallest truck in the company’s portfolio is expected to have a turbocharged V6 engine in the United States, while international versions will use diesel.

As a final note (and side note), Ford now also offers a Transit family inspired by the Raptors in Europe. The Trial range is powered exclusively by a 2.0-liter diesel engine with different powers.

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