Ford Mustang Lego Set Gets Another Awesome Alternative Build

The talented Lego community is home to some of the funniest cars outside your garage. Car enthusiasts can buy Lego sets that look like their favorite car and also emulate similar drivetrain components with drivetrains, engines and functional differentials to name a few. Apart from the fantastic kits offered by Lego in the factory, there are many online sources where you can buy kits designed by dedicated Lego masters. Today we are exploring the alternative versions of the Ford Mustang kit redesigned by the user Rebrickable Abu-Jaber with impressive versatility.

The designer set of 1,471 Lego Mustang pieces, known as the 10265 set, allows you to build a Mustang inspired by the 1960s that can be transformed from an original classic Mustang into an impressive dragster racer thanks to a few smart mods provided by Lego. This clever use of Lego bricks to build a perfect Mustang from the 60s is only overshadowed by the impressive remixes shared by user Rebrickable Abu-Jaber. We previously shared the 2020 GT500 Abu-Jaber remix from the 10265 Mustang kit which was an impressive reprint of the Lego 1960s Mustang into a modern Mustang.

Today we’re looking at two more Abu-Jaber offerings on Rebrickable. First, its classic truck kit and finally its Challenger kit. It’s true, if you buy these plans, you can transform a kit intended to build a Mustang of the 1960s into a Challenger and irritate the gods of the Mustang. In addition to the full Lego kit, you simply purchase the PDF instructions on the Abu-Jaber’s Rebrickable page for a small fee and you’re off. This easy process is made possible thanks to the meticulous work done by passionate Lego enthusiasts.

Cars can be an expensive hobby, but a small Lego kit can be a great alternative to buying another project car. Lego puts a lot of engineering into these kits to make it a challenge for adult hobbyists. If you want to modify your cars, there is also a growing Lego community.

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