Ford Mustang Fox Body Notchback Rendering Wants To Bring Back The ’80s

Ford Mustang Fox Body Notchback Rendering Wants To Bring Back The ’80s

Of all the generations of Ford Mustangs, the third generation Fox Body occupies a unique place. It is the only truly independent variant in terms of style. You won’t find any retro cues on the angular wedge-shaped Fox, unless you count the side pseudo-vents that are part of the ground effects of the 1987 thru 1993 Mustang GT. This is only for the GT – the LX in both hatchback and notchback have no such thing.

Part of what makes this rendering so interesting. Created by wb.artist20 on Instagram, it also lacks a clear connection to the original pony car. You won’t find the iconic side vents or vertical three-bar taillights, though the scalloped sides are at least a throwback. That’s because this design attempts to modernize the Fox Body by merging its design elements with the current generation S550 ‘Stang. Not only all Fox is used for inspiration either. This creation envisions the most fox fox that has ever been foxed … the famous notchback.

The result is certainly unique. To the artist’s credit, all of the appropriate pieces are in place. The taillights are long, the C-pillar is high, and the front clip sports bulky Fox headlights with a piece of body-colored plastic dividing the grille in half. Shown in the context of the original Fox notchback, the similarities are obvious. As for the modernization with the S550 design, the end product is well done.

However, when viewed out of context (and with the Mustang badges removed), one wonders if anyone would recognize this car? The artist admits it somehow resembles a ’90s Crown Victoria and the latest generation Taurus. Commentators on the Instagram post see the undertones of a Mitsubishi Evo, and to some the front looks like a Volvo. Some staff members also see the Ford Taurus high-boy styling with the notched rear, and one writer sees undertones of the Chevrolet Cobalt in the front clip.

Does this mean that the rendering is bad? Not at a distance – the proportions are satisfactory and the Fox Body cues are easily recognized. The reason for the anonymity here may be that the Fox Love-It-or-Hte-It platform himself is rather anonymous. In 2020 America, its flat, edgy 1980s persona might not be vibrant enough for modern auto trends.

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