Ford Maverick Tailgate Leaked Photo Points To New Compact Pickup

Once upon a time, Ranger was a trim level for the Ford F-150. In the early 1980s, it was transformed into its own compact pickup, and it endured this role for almost 30 years. Then it went to the United States and when it came back for 2019, it was a medium-sized machine. That means there is room in the Blue Oval range for a compact pickup, and now we could have proof that it comes back as a revived Ford Maverick.

The above photo has been sent to by an anonymous source, and it’s as simple as possible. The white tailgate certainly looks a lot smaller than what you would find on an F-150 or Ranger, and the name stamped at the bottom is consistent with the design we see on the Ranger. This is also consistent with a rendering of the tailgate we saw in May, so if it’s possible that it could be an elaborate hoax, it seems unlikely from our point of view.

Still, we contacted Ford about this photo for information on the automaker. The official comment was essentially a no comment – specifically that the company does not comment on speculation about future products. It is certainly not a confirmation that a new compact truck named Maverick is coming, but it is not a refusal either. Take this information as you wish.

In addition to the tailgate images, we saw spy photos of a compact Ford truck with a monocoque design based on the Focus. It is believed to share the Bronco Sport’s powertrain, at least in terms of engines with a three-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged or a boosted four-cylinder 2.0-liter. In Bronco Sport, this power changes to standard all-wheel drive, but it is unlikely that such an arrangement will be offered on a compact truck.

Ford has confirmed that a small truck is under development in 2019 and, more recently, the automaker has declared that a new model will be launched for 2021. Curiously nicknamed White space, the outline is that of a small SUV but it could certainly be a red herring. In the absence of offers in the compact truck segment of any car manufacturer in the United States, there is certainly a blank space to fill and it seems that Ford wants to intervene.

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