Ford Focus ST Renderings Profile

Ford Focus ST Rendering Is A Worthy Escort RS Cosworth Tribute

Compact sedans are a dying breed. The change in taste and the funky crossroads of sport, functionality and affordability had to grow to accommodate the influx of larger crossovers and SUVs. This is one of the reasons the United States currently doesn’t like the fourth-generation Ford Focus or the sportier Focus ST. It didn’t stop the imagination of an artist who transformed the new Focus ST into a modern tribute to the Escort RS Cosworth.

The reduction of the Focus from five doors to three doors required a slight shortening of the wheelbase. This is paired with a subtle extension of the rear bumper, necessary to accommodate the reworked rear design. The tailgate has been completely redesigned to accommodate Cosworth’s iconic whale tail spoiler and notched design, which includes a new taillight design and dual exhaust. Up front there are new headlights and a more rectangular front end that clearly resembles the 90s.

But the front and rear views provide a better view of the unique styling choices. The square taillights feel taken straight from the original Cosworth, although the Focus ST’s aggressive rear bumper which houses the large dual tailpipes still fits perfectly. It’s similar to the front where the remnants of the Focus ST mix with Cosworth-inspired elements like the small grille and hood scoops paired with the modern front bumper.

The likelihood that Ford will soon turn into small, mighty three-door sedans is a dream. Today’s cars are getting bigger and bigger, replacing sedans and sedans for taller versions. It’s a dark time for small cars, although some manufacturers have yet to give up. Ford may be moving away from small cars, but you can get a Toyota GR Yaris Breaks Cover with 257 horsepower, all-wheel drive. It’s just not available in the US like other small sporty offerings from other automakers that we can’t get here.

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