Ford Focus Adds a Mild-Hybrid 1.0-Liter Powertrain for Europe

Ford Focus Adds a Mild-Hybrid 1.0-Liter Powertrain for Europe

Ford continues to improve its compact Focus model, while refusing to return the small car to our shores. The latest update sees a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with a “soft hybrid” starter-generator finding its way under the hood of the model. It is available with two power levels: one unit that pumps 123 horsepower and another that produces 153 horsepower.

Capable of producing 37 lb-ft of torque, the starter-generator is able to help the gasoline engine and improve its efficiency, while improving performance. The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery that Ford hides under the driver’s seat of the Focus. A 48-volt electrical system allows the air-cooled battery to store and analyze electrical energy as needed.

Although the low rpm torque of the starter-generator certainly piques our interest, the configuration is more than just a source of grunt under the additional hood. Thanks to its ability to restart the engine in 350 milliseconds, the starter-generator also improves the stop-start function of the Focus. As such, the Focus EcoBoost Hybrid can stop its internal combustion engine while the car is in gear and drive at a stop at speeds of up to 16 mph – provided that the clutch pedal of the manual transmission six-speed is pressed.

For better or for worse, the Focus EcoBoost Hybrid is a stick-shift affair only. This could inhibit its appeal to consumers in the United States, even if Ford sold the latest Focus here, anyway. That said, we imagine that the more powerful 153-hp powertrain configuration could encourage some American consumers to try their luck on the Focus EcoBoost hybrid. However, the lower 123-horsepower unit would likely struggle to find its place in the United States.

We’re only dreaming, however, as there is no evidence that Ford plans to reintroduce a variant of the Focus in the States in the near term. Instead, we continue to covet the model from afar, which, in addition to its new mild hybrid powertrain, accommodates a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a connected finish line in the mix.


As its name suggests, the Focus Connected is, finally, more connected. Standard credit kit like wireless charger, dashboard navigation system, adaptive cruise control and front and rear parking sensors.

Ford may believe that American customers have lost their focus on small cars such as the Focus, but at least they continue to sell us reasonably affordable Yanks compact crossovers. In fact, the Blue Oval range in the United States includes EcoSport, Escape and Bronco Sport crossover SUVs at reasonable prices.

Given that the Escape – and possibly Bronco Sport – shares its basic underpinnings with the Focus, it’s possible that the Ford crossover will be able to accommodate the mild hybrid powertrain from the brand’s compact sedan, sedan and station wagon . Stranger things have happened, even if we wouldn’t bet on such an Escape variant en route to the United States.

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