Ford Files Trademark For Warthog Name, Could Be Bronco ‘Raptor’

Ford Files Trademark For Warthog Name, Could Be Bronco ‘Raptor’

The Ford Bronco rumor was overdrive long before the off-road was revealed earlier this year. He’s still spinning like a crazy figure skater at this point, especially speaking of a Raptor version. Or will it be called Warthog? This is the crux of the latest offshoot of the rumor, and it has some backing in the form of a recently placed trademark registration by Ford.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows that Ford filed for the patent on September 9. habit finding with the mark, however, is the slightest reference that this name will be used for a future version of the Bronco, or used at all for this fact. Instead, you will find a general description of this name that applies to “land motor vehicles” which includes passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs. So yes, that narrows it down.

Where did all this Warthog stuff come from? A YouTuber spoke about it briefly in July, shortly before the Bronco launched. That was long before we caught any big Bronco prototypes testing on the street, and that was before our various sources referred to the high-performance Bronco as wearing a Raptor badge. This was also before the curious LinkedIn Bronco Raptor leak, but to be honest it could have just been a clever trick on Ford’s part, or as the specific LinkedIn account now says, the work of a sneaky hacker. .

Simply put, we have rumors that Ford will name its Ultimate Bronco Warthog instead of Raptor, supported by an unfounded rumor and a recent trademark filing. Taking it a step further, we noticed that the running prototypes seem to lack the large Ford grille used on both the F-150 Raptor and the Ranger Raptor sold across the pond. It also makes sense to think that Ford would prefer to keep the Raptor brand for its pickup trucks instead, and we can’t ignore the gamers. The infamous Warthog from the Halo franchise on Xbox bears a much closer resemblance to Bronco than to Series F.

Still, we have reliable sources standing firm with the Raptor team, so the naming game is in great question. Raptor has tremendous brand equity that could plug directly into the Bronco world, and there’s really no doubt that a high-performance Bronco is to come up. For now at least, we’ll have to stay frosted on a name until more information emerges.

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