Ford F-550 ‘Adrift’ Overlanding Rig For Sale

With the majority of land-based platforms built to bring the luxury of home along with a wilderness getaway, there seems to be a propensity to overdo it. However, a man named Scott of Shipping portal has a vehicle for sale and thinks he may have cracked the code to venture out with the right necessities.

The platform stand is a Ford F-550 with a 6.8-liter V10 engine that puts its power to all four wheels. Vehicle information is scarce, but it’s clear the owner wanted something compact with enough vigor to set up camp anywhere.

“We had been on it before and liked a lot of aspects of it, but felt like it was way too big for true off-grid exploration,” said Scott, the vehicle’s owner. “My wife refuses to camp within five miles of anyone, so we wanted something really comfortable but small enough to get to the remote places we like to visit.”

You’d be wrong to think the interior would be minimal, but thanks to the retractable roof it’s anything but allowing Scott, his family, and two dogs to stretch out. With the pop-top deployed, it allows nearly seven feet of standing space while keeping the vehicle less than 10 feet high. At the front of the canopy is this build’s party room, a third hinged wall that opens the space to fresh air with the push of a button.

“Our favorite feature is still the hinged front wall,” Scott said. “I turn it down every morning while everyone is still in bed so we can enjoy the view early in the morning.”

Land construction `` adrift ''
Land construction `` adrift ''
Land construction `` adrift ''

In addition to the comfort, he wanted the vehicle to be reliable. Allowing for ultimate peace of mind when it comes to going out in the boonies, all major systems are solar powered, each with their own backup. For kitchen accommodation, the vehicle is fitted with two induction hobs, an electric barbecue and a dual-fuel water heater – not a Gordon Ramsay setup, but it’s truly luxurious when ‘these are land vehicles.

This thing can stay put for a while thanks not only to its electrical installations, but also its ability to store 100 gallons of fresh water, 40 gallons of gray water, and 70 gallons of fuel. To keep everything running smoothly, there is 1300 watts of solar power on tap which can either be available immediately or fed to an 800 amp hour battery array – these are connected to an auxiliary alternator, which means that the truck engine can be used as a generator if needed. Its built-in mini-split air conditioner – which consumes just 350 watts – can also heat or cool the interior almost indefinitely.

Currently located in Southern California, Scott’s Land Construction is listed at $ 225,000 (€ 191,056). With a five-year build time, it’s clear this beast has been carefully crafted down to the millimeter.

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