Ford F-150 Might Get Multi-Function Tailgate To Rival GMC

One of the GMC Sierra’s biggest draws is its sleek MultiPro tailgate. What makes the optional feature so special is that it can transform into seven different configurations, meaning you can use it for everything from a temporary workbench to a quick release bed step (and even more).

A few days ago, we announced that the Chevrolet Silverado will be getting the same or a similar option for 2021, which would be a much-needed addition to this truck. Now the rumors are spinning again, suggesting that Ford will also introduce a MultiPro hatchback rival on the F-150.

2020 GMC Sierra HD First Drive
Ram multifunction tailgate

According to a website report Ford Authority, the Blue Oval is currently working hard to develop a much-discussed hatchback competitor to GM (although a past interview suggested Ford was not too keen on the idea). The company has taken a look at GMC’s MultiPro and Multifunction hatches – the latter offering a 60/40 split aperture – and plans to introduce its own version on the F-150 in the near future.

But don’t expect Ford’s fancy hatchback to be a GMC or Ram replica. Apparently the company is testing a few different prototypes, but one of the main options would be a ‘barn door’ type sliding opening with three vertical sections that you can individually open or lower at the same time.

It’s unclear exactly when we’ll see this new hatchback on the F-150, given that the latest version of the truck just debuted, but it would be a nice icing on a truck already loaded with features. A new multi-function tailgate would be ideal with things like the Max Recline seats and the folding worksurface inside, as well as the worksurface option available on the tailgate.

No word on when Ford plans to officially deploy it on the F-150, but we expect it to make its debut in the coming months.

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